has been established as a specialist "Recruitment Agency" in Thailand with main focus in IT industry on 9th September, 2005. We provide an executive search placement service covering both "recruitment service" and "head-hunter service" for our clients on a "contingency basis".
Our initial group of client was "Multi-international Organizations" within IT industry such as Software Vendor, ICT Vendor, System Integrator and Consulting Firm.


At Present

can successfully place more and more talented candidates for our clients not only in IT industry but also in non-IT industry. Our strategic clients now are both "Thai Organizations" and "Multi-international Organizations" which are Software Vendor, ICT Vendor, System Integrator, Consulting Firm and FMCG. Our successful placements for more than 10 years can assure you of our specialization.


has strong believe in our capability in providing you with our executive search placement service. We can be a key element of your success in your headcount expanding plan. We not only have more than twenty thousands of talented candidates in our database, but we also have a good search methodology, strong business knowledge, strong technical knowledge, solid experience, special interviewing skill and specific screening software system to support our selection criteria for successful placements within a short timeframe.