For Candidates
TIPs for The Candidates

List of Important Questions to raise during the Interview :-

  • What are the expectations The Company has from you for this position ?
  • What are the objectives and decision criteria on the shortlisted candidate ?
  • What support can The Company provide you for achieving the goals ?
  • What knowledge should you have for achieving the goals ?
  • What are the barriers or challenges you may face ?
  • What is the reporting structure / organization structure ?
  • Who are the people you need to deal with (internal & external people) ?
  • What is the career path for this position ?

List of Candidate's Profile to share with Interviewers :-

  • Your work attitude with a former and current company as well as The Company in the future
  • Your working style / leadership style
  • Your sales skill / presentation skill / people management skill / negotiation skill / convincing skill / trouble-shooting skill
  • Your task management skill and your decision making skill in a pressured environment
  • Your work experience and knowledge with multi-cultured organization
  • Your work achievement in a former and current company in this position
  • Your strategy for winning the deal
  • Your value added / contribution in The Company if selected
  • Your strengths / weaknesses
  • Your expected remuneration package / joining date